We are completely free to you! I know crazy right!? How do we get paid then? Well I get paid a commission from your vacations carrier that is paid to us AFTER you experience your dream vacation! Did you know that agent fees are built in your reservation price whether or not you use one… so why not get our free advice and free services!

There are many benefits to hiring us, please read below to find out a few of those plus many of the extras we proudly offer:
* Finding the best rates and knowing specials before the public.
* Knowing the ins and out of your reservation that companies will not tell you so they make a higher commission at your costs.
* You can arrange payment plans through us for many vacations including Carnival cruises.
* We are by your side from the start, from setting up your accounts and even after you return.
* We specialize in large group bookings for business and families and we are able to link all parties.
* We can get you discounted tickets or added perks to your ticket purchases like early park entry at Universal even if you are staying off site.
* We work around the clock for you, not just business hours 24/7.
* We provide you packing lists and so so so much more to help you get ready for the big day.
* We know and provide you tips and tricks to save you money.
* We let you know if an offer becomes available that can save you money, even if you are already booked. Agents can transfer bookings to newly released discounted openings… only agents vs big box stores who book you and leave you.
* and so much more!

We specialize and are certified in Disney, Universal, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, MSG, Fun Jet vacations, United Vacations, Celebrity, Norwegian, Adventures by Disney, Princess, and worldwide travel for families and groups of all sizes. We also have added specialization (CAPT Certified) in working with families with special needs… and we don’t just say it… we too have children with special needs so we live it and really do know the ins and outs unlike other agents who “say” they can help you. 

Our little group of agents was founded due the lack of agents who really understood and knew about the needs of special needs families. We not only understand it, but we live it every day.

We are happy to offer cruise credits back to you and you do not even have to ask… if we can… we do! 

We also provide all of our clients with tons of knowledge prior to going, gifts, and more just to let you know that you are special to us and we are proud to be your agent!

We are not one of those agents that will sell you a Disney Cruise while never going on one ourselves. We sell what we personally do and the reason why is because you need to know first hand what you are buying vs what we have heard or looked up. There is a huge difference between googling something and actually being there and understand even the little things like dress codes on islands in the Caribbean. Furthermore we each do a ton of vacations a year to stay on top of changes and expansions so that when it comes to planning your amazing vacation we know everything first hand to share with you and in our planning!

Fast Passes at 6am in the morning? Don’t you worry, we will be up at 6am getting them booked. Your cruise booking window is opening at midnight, no problem, we are on it. We happily provide booking services to our clients IF they rather us do it… all at no charge!

Many of our clients enjoy the thrill of booking their own Disney dining, Fast Passes, or Disney cruise excursions. That is no problem at all! Want to do them yourself and we will will even kick back some cash for you to enjoy while on your vacation planned by you just for supporting our small business and using us to book your vacation!

We cannot tell you how many times our clients have needed us while on vacation and just like before you left we are available for you 24/7. We have had clients cruises canceled while they were in mid air headed that way and before they even landed we had arranged a resort and airport pickup. We really do stick right by you even while on vacation.

Can we get you a week free cruise… no… but we CAN get you a real honest price and even some special incentives. For example booking through us will earn you free early entry into Universal Parks even if you are staying in an offsite hotel. We can get you group rates for single cabin groups on Royal Caribbean, and some free added perks for all inclusive resorts. We can move your booking under new and current specials  IF one comes out that your reservation qualifies for, and above all else we will always give you the best customer service we can and 100% honesty. 

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